"In Tomboy, Thomas Meinecke and David Moufang pose the question of the cultural conditions for the construction of sexual identity, beyond all biologisms. The fragmentary texts used concern the scandalous social situation of women, strategies of feminine masculinity and of masculine femininity, and the political discourse on the discontent of the sexes (from Otto Weininger to Judith Butler). As a continuation of this 1998 studio production, which was committed to deconstructive feminism, Meinecke and Moufang wrote Freud's Baby in 1999, a concert piece with words and music, which was performed live at intermedium 1 in Berlin and is concerned with the other identity-forging and damaging phallocentric projections of the sexual. Based less on male descriptions of women than Tomboy, but rather (again mainly in already established texts) on a demonstration of man's no less breathtaking constructions of femininity on his own body, Freud's Baby contains irritating manifestations of so-called Great Men menstruating and even giving birth (when, for example, the Viennese doctor Sigmund Freud bears the baby of the Berlin doctor Wilhelm Fließ). A further (directly related) basic motif in the work emerges from the fatal parallel between anti-Semitism and antifeminism (and their reinterpretation with a positive spin in more recent Jewish studies)." (label info) Back in stock.
in stock | DE| 2000| INTERMEDIUM RECORDS | 17.90

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