"the seventh issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. this MSS was mostly made during a short trip to dui otok and zadar in croatia where decent home made wine and a daily dip in the sea produced a rather happy and colourful issue, it's also made in conjunction with the "rond de put" exhibition, currated by Johan Pas, Christine Clinckx and Kris Van Dessel in Ekeren, a village near the turd where i grew up. therefor i also published flyers for punkshows inEkeren that Nico Dockx made around 1992 and which were the earliest visual memories i have with "punk".. full colour cover, and duo tone inner work all riso printed at afreux in antwerp! limited to 200 copies." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2012| ULTRA ECZEMA | 9.90

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