"Remixes were mentioned when Agitated asked to reissue the Mugstar LP "Lime", we asked about, we got some good response! this 2 Track EP / 1 track CDEP release features the remix work of Robert Hampson (Loop / Main), he has transformed Serra into some 39 minute planeshifting kosmische epic. The first 19 or so minutes (side One on the vinyl) pulse with some fizzing electrical energies that evoke obscurio Kraut rock demo tapes from the mid 70s, the sail by, and then the second part (side Two on the vinyl) the beats, the rhythms they subside into some early (early!) Tangerine Dream-esque ambient but not ambient soundscapes, wholly immersive, wholly essential. Both "sides" combined as the whole "piece" on the CD version." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2011| AGITATED | 10.90

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