"[Multer] have six pieces on their album, which open with the beautiful ambient drone (and soft rhythm paths) of 'Alandar'. Things however take a change in pieces like 'Kopenhagener Deutung' (the meaning of Copenhagen) and 'Subdruese'. Vocals are used, a piano, rhythms and drones. The vocals are hardly singing, more reciting text. Melancholical and a bit eighties like. 'Myosin' on side two is a an uptempo piece, almost in the direction of techno. 'Columbus' takes them back the areas of ambient music, but still with rhythm. The closing piece 'Goldkugelkaktus Traeumen' is along the lines of 'Alandar'. [Multer] have delivered a very fine LP with some really great and diverse tunes. They have certainly grown since their previous releases and it has come to a mature level." (Frans de Waard)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2002| GENESUNGSWERK | 9.90

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