"First solo album by HIGH RISE and KYOAKU NO INTENTIONS six-string speed meister MUNEHIRO NARITA. Featuring a guest appearance by TAKASHI UENO of MAHEL SHALAL HASH BAZ, TENNISCOATS, and a couple of dozen MAJIKICK-related units fame. With High Rise currently on extended vacation, Narita has been burning up stages across Tokyo in his aggressive, free-jazz inflected improv rock unit Kyoaku no Intentions, and more recently in naked solo style. He has deconstructed the most thrilling elements of rock guitar pyrotechnics-wah-wahed smears, slowed down slides, sensual string bends-and retooled them into a far more subtle improvised psychedelia. Derrida with a Marshall stack." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2005| m-/m-| PSF RECORDS | 12.00

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