"For the realization of "Friday", recorded in London in May 1969, MEV were Frederic Rzewski (piano, electronics, etc.), Alvin Curran (flugelhorn, etc.), Richard Teitelbaum (moog synthesizer), Franco Cataldi (trombone, etc.), Gunther Carius (saxophone, etc.). The main theme around this MEV piece is communication. Communication by means of music can be a very efficient means of reaching quick agreement among large numbers of people, because when you call something music, you have tacitly acepted a convention by which it is understood that the sounds that you make have no particular meaning, they are just sounds and therefore free to serve the general purpose of pure communication. Music can bring people together where language divides them. When this happens, the "concert" will come to resemble other other liberated forms such as the party or the day-off, themselves secular remnants or earlier ceremonies. This CD is included in a beatiful digipack full colour sleeve with photos and liner notes. Also included is a 8 page booklet with an essay on "Friday" by Frederic Rzewski as well as "MEV Then and Now" by Richard Teitelbaum." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | IT| 2008| ALGA MARGHEN | 15.90

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