"courant.air is the continuation of a body of work intertwining instrumental and electronic music following the acclaimed 2004-2008 work les arbres. The mixture this time is more edgy: a rich and complex electronic sound composition alongside the folk inspired guitar played by Simon Trottier (member of the haunted blues band Timber Timbre). After 2 albums of improvised folktronica with Simon Trottier, Nicolas Bernier decided to explore that singular mixity further in a formal compositional context. This time, Trottier is interpreting the music written and scored by Bernier. Conceptually, the piece is wind powered. Wind as a constructive/destructive agent. Wind as an agent of travel (oh! the sailing ships of Jacques Cartier). Wind as a propulsion engine of particles in constant movement in the air. Wind as noise. Wind is sound. Wind and music are Invisible. courant.air was realized between August 2008 and June 2010 in the composer's personal studio as well as the Banff Centre. The work was commissioned by Réseaux and by New Adventures in Sound Art." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| AHORNFELDER | 12.90

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