"Fresh off the back of this year's super successful 18 date European Spring tour (with attendant sold out shows at London's Corsica Studio & the Sonar Festival) blastfirstpetite re-release their latest, the forth studio album, titled "N" - a three track 40min plus slave to the rhythm; as much techno-cratic as kraut-icular. If Kraftwerk are the man-machine, then NISENNENMONDAI are the women-machine rebuke! To date only one of their previous albums were freely available outside of their native Japan; all hail 2008's "Destination Tokyo" on bijou Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound, but now, with a new catalogue deal in place with bfp we shall be hearing and seeing lots more from them. NISENNENMONDAI is the world's best-kept secret among noise rock enthusiasts. Since the Y2K bug of the band's Japanese-translation-namesake was still a thing, the instrumental trio has been spinning post-punk, no wave, and krautrock influences into something fresh and surprisingly danceable, though without much attention stateside. Recent Nisnenenmondai releases have consisted of a live album and some singles that are impossible to track down. "N" consists of three tracks that are as minimalist as their names ("A-1", "B-1?, and "B-2?) and the album title infer.." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| BLAST FIRST PETITE | 16.90

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