"It is a precarious level on which 4 Wolves Attack, the second album by Nista Nije Nista (´"nothing is not nothing"), operates. The four female artists from Austria, Germany and Australia are constantly tempting: themselves and their listeners. They flutter tentatively between musical units from which they construct their hybrids. They pick up themes, phrases, styles and texts, reassemble them, and layer them one upon another.Capturing on CD what disintegrates within the moment. And if you consider the fact that Klangbad-Mastermind Hans Joachim Irmler has had a hand in the production of this highly idiosyncratic concoction, the result isn't all that surprising: An album which you can listen to more than once while forever discovering new aspects." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| KLANGBAD | 12.90

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