"Absolute deep electric-rain-forest sound atmosphere that the listener will hear on this record is the tip of the iceberg of a same rich and elaborate work process. For over 30 years, Norbert Möslang is making the world sounding. He does not play with things, but he allows things' sounding. His art installations, sound performances and music records are deeply involved in the hidden world of vibrations to convert them into loud sounds and thick textures. Living simultaneously in spheres of inside/outside, micro-vibrations, spacial structures, underground music venues, art galleries, underwater, glass windows, body movement, precise equalizers, insects microcosm and electronic devices; Möslang constructs fascinating untrammeled worlds of both philosophical and physical power. To talk about "indoor_outdoor" specifically, again Möslang music drives us from nothing to everything. A field recording in the water of a swiss harbour close from his house is then processed and composed these files in a studio. The second track "hot_cold_shield" is a collaborative duo with Toshimaru Nakamura, the influential member of the Onkyokei scene in Japan, a brutal live improvisation recorded at "Manif d'art" in Québec this year." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2012| IDEOLOGIC ORGAN | 16.90

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