"Superb Compilation of french Cold-Wave/Gothlegend Norma Loy starting with their very first recorded track from 81 to unreleased demos/rehearsals/live to unreleased treasures In 1981 Usher and Chelsea formed NORMA LOY. The band launched it's first EP the first one of it's Cold-Wave-kind in France. NORMA LOY searched for their identity and multiplyed there experiences on the side, leading to the creation in 1984 of their own label, CPM, which produced a second EP distributed by New Rose: "PSYCHIC ALTERCATION" whose "pscychoanalytic rock" gave the setting for later productions. CPM developed its own philosophy and centralised the different activities of the group (musical and non musical ones: (photo)graphic ones, literature, video making, dance etc... and controls the entire artistic production (recordings, LP covers, song books...). A particular emphasis was drawn on the concerts mixing music and slide projections. Over the past 25 years many excellent records have been released such as REWIND/T.VISION" (86), SACRIFICE (88) and the last part of the Trilogy called "REBEARTH"" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2009| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 27.90

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