"Sarah Lipstate is Noveller and 'No Dreams', her sixth full-length release, welcomes in an era of expanded instrumentation for the Brooklyn-based guitarist and composer. The compositions on 'No Dreams' explore the artist's struggle with her blurred perception of reality and hallucination in the twilight of sleep and awakening. The songs alternate between being firmly rooted in place, like the epic beat-driven 'Mannahatta' and the playful guitar melodies of 'Rue De Montmorency', and navigating the murky underworld of nightmare as in the dissonant layers of bowed guitar and manipulated piano in 'The Fright'. Among the many other highlights is the title track, which is a gloriously melancholic plea from Lipstate's overdriven electric guitar for exemption from the throes of parasomnia." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| IMPORTANT RECORDS | 14.90

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