"Blackest Ever Black presents to you "Dead Unique", an album by OFFICER! recorded in 1995 but never before released into the public domain. This then is not a reissue or a revival; it's a new record that just happens to have been maturing in the cask for, oh, a little shy of 20 years. It also happens to be a lost classic of English art-rock, and the crowning achievement in the career of its mercurial creator, Mick Hobbs. Initially as guitarist in THE WORK (alongside Bill Gilonis, Rick Wilson and Henry Cow's Tim Hodgkinson), and subsequent related groupings THE LOWEST NOTE, THE LO YO YO, and THE MOMES he became closely associated with THIS HEAT and their Cold Storage studio in Brixton over the course of the 1980's. OFFICER! - the project that this incorrigible collaborator and connector calls his own - surfaced in 1982 with a cassette tape entitled "Eight New Songs By Mick Hobbs". It marked the blossoming of a singular writer and improvisor, with a gift for plangent melody, ingenious arrangement and lyrics at once caustic and courtly, playful and profound. By the start of the 1990s Hobbs had joined Jad Fair's HALF JAPANESE. In the early months of '95, HALF JAPANESE were in Baltimore to record their "Hot" LP; Hobbs stayed on to cut the bulk of the songs that comprise OFFICER!'s "Dead Unique" - songs drawn from a rich store of material written and refined in the seven years since the band's last outing - with a talented assemblage of local and visiting musicians. A complex but thrillingly immediate avant-pop song cycle that charms and confounds at every turn, "Dead Unique" will give immense pleasure not only to OFFICER!'s existing cult following, but to anyone with an appreciation of summer." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| BLACKEST EVER BLACK | 16.90

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