"Tramp Records is back in 2011 with the fifth release in the JAZZ DANCE SERIES. This time with another high-quality re-issue of probably the one and only sitar funk tracks ever recorded in Germany. Apparently Dutch-born, Okko Bekker is quoted as first appearing on the German music scene in the late-1960's when in Hamburg he first struck up a friendship with the then very young Asmus Tietchens. After extensive musical and technical studies, Okko went on to become an ethnomusicologist and dabbler with electronics, with a range of musical exploration that has been very wide-ranging. He debuted under the sole moniker "Okko" in 1971 with the album "Sitar & Electronics", which sounds like a hybrid of Ananda Shankar and the funkier MPS stuff. East Indian Traffic as well as Ganges Delta have been taken from the aforementioned album. They see the light of the day for the first time on 45, properly mastered with amazing sound quality and authentic label artwork." (labelinfo)
in stock | US| 2011| TRAMP RECORDS | 10.90

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