"Ignacio "Once11" Platas hits a grand slam home run over the Brooklyn dub roof with his second full length release "Smile Hunter". Back in 2001 while living in Barcelona running the Error Club and Wrong festival in the Barceloneta, his first release "Once11 Versus the Pyramid" blew minds, turned heads, awakened dreams, and always kicked booty. Then, after disappearing into the enormous Costa Rican rain forest for two years he reappears bubbling nonchalant tropical echoes of West Africa and deep shimmering Brooklyn reflections of Jamaica. Rich thick warm n juicy still calm and defiant, this music is the body balm. Shocking us back to life from all our tired yesterdays, Once11 plucks at the universal livewires that reach to the edge of our electric and raw cinematic funky souls with a sound both hyper now and ultra ancient. For the world of dancers who love to move to the gritty raw and down home sweaty BBQ grind of deep bass melody and scorching drum harmony: this bangin beat poetry's for you. Uplifting even at these worst of times it's therapy for the masses. Background: >> Member of nineties electronic band WeT, in 2002 he led a team to Costa Rica for 2 years building modern bamboo structures. In 2004 he founded the Bamboo Institute, seeking to develop innovative ways to utilize bamboo's incredible potential to help solve a wide range of the problems facing the planet." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| AGRICULTURE | 14.80

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