"Transcribed by the Material Eye Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya nab. 1, St. Petersburg, 199034, Russia. 6 baseless marble pillars not yet completed, covered in white strata against the backdrop of a simple three-dimensional plane with soft edges. 1. Synesthesia outside venue. 2. If you lived here, you'd be home right now. 3. Lopatin designs preset "Prismata" ascribed to Trujillo, 2003 and goes downstairs for air. 4. He comes from a long line of shovelers 5. Life On An International Space Station video 32min / falls asleep. 6. An astronaut beyond his prime and no longer able to carry out his father's work rests in a hospital bed in a room on the east wing of a orbiting infirmary, facing a window overlooking a grove of holographic birch trees. Hums." (label info) with download code. rerelease of the No Fun LP from 2009
in stock | US| 2013| SOFTWARE | 20.90

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