"Daniel Lopatin's Oneohtrix Point Never represents a rift in time; an isolationist expedition into the archaeology of sound that utilizes the analog polysynth as a means of organic creation. "Zones Without People" is the second record in the OPN trilogy; acting as a bridge between the drifting, nebulous landscapes of "Betrayed In The Octagon" and the finely detailed sound sculpture of Lopatin's present work. An exercise in 'in between-ness': reconciling noise and melodicism, drone stasis and the transience of concrčte, and the amorphous zone between 70s Kraut synth music and 80s techno. Arpeggios and sequencers play a key role in this amalgamation, as these forms of repetition create an attachment to a certain sentiment neither human nor machine. The record reflects this transformation; the A Side has distinct emotional flourishes, while the majority of the B-side seems to be overtaken in cold, mechanized melodies; attempts at teaching a machine to feel. The final track "Hyperdawn" is a solution to these two disparate modes of interpreting stimuli: a pure union of veins and patch cables." (label info) originally released on Arbor in 2009. with download code
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