"OOIOO's earliest music was minimal and digital, just as their binary name may suggest. But as the band's lineup evolved over four previous albums, so did its sound. New-wave poppy grooves gave way to chaotic plateaus and psychedelic freakouts on albums like Kila Kila Kila and Gold & Green. OOIOO's current manifestation has derived a rhythm-based soundscape, spacious, spiritual and elevatory, intended as communication with the Earth and motivated by nature Taiga shows OOIOO displaying a wide array of instrumental sounds and textures. Focused on accentuating the rhythm, the band adds layers as seamlessly as they take them away. Rhythmic patterns ebb and flow naturally like the tide; all the while a fragile melody interweaves them in waves. To a similar effect, Yoshimi and her bandmates' vocals range from tribal and meditative chants to bird calls and free-folk screaming. Taiga sounds like the deep forest from the bank of a big river, the sounds of animals and trees, life and death. This is a call to nature as only Yoshimi could muster." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| THRILL JOCKEY | 10.00

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