""Our Loving Is Hurting Us" is the long awaited follow-up to oOoOO's debut, self titled EP, which ended up on best of 2010 lists in The Guardian, The Wire and Stereogum to name but a few. "Our Loving Is Hurting Us" sees oOoOO take his unique brand of murky, hip hop-influenced lo-fi sound further into the pop realm. Opening track "Spring" (featuring vocals by Butterclock) sets the tone with a combination of disembodied voices, jolting hip hop rhythms and murky synth washes. "Starr" and "Break Yr Heartt" channel the spirit of trip hop (ethereal female vocals, beatdown hip hop breaks) and reworks the sound for the ghoststep era, blanketing the tracks with shimmering synths. "TryTry" emerges from the depths with submerged bass rumbles, slurred, pitched-down vocals and an almost randon, off-beat rhythm. EP closer "NoWayBack" meshes Butterclock's lush vocals with rock-solid beats and synth drones." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2012| TRI ANGLE | 12.90

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