"Optiope is a duo from Tokyo, Date Tomoyoshi and Chihei Hatakeyama formed in autumn 2002. Tomoyoshi's music was previously introduced as best demos on the Fat Cat and Mille Plateaux site and made his first official appearance on the Spekk compilation "Small Melodies". Chihei has released his first solo album in 2006 on the Kranky label (US). Together they organize music event series "Kuala Mute Geek" and label "Kualauk Table". This is an imaginary album traveling from the north to south, overlapping the images of transition of the four seasons. In reality, indeed one things always leads to an end and I feel sad every time I think about that. In this album, we tried to express this sorrow feeling changing gradually into hope as we travel south. Seasons have no end. It always moves from spring, summer, autumn, winter back to spring.. And just like the changing seasons, the tracks in this album constantly shifts another and the last piece connects to the very beginning which forms the never ending circle. We have expressed the images of these "endings" with "never endings" by music. These thoughts were brought up naturally during the making of this album and it's not that we had this idea from the start. Another concept of this album is "symmetry". There are 9 pieces in this album and is constructed by track 5 being the axis of the symmetry - like in terms os composition, 1st track is a piano piece and also the 9th track. The same thing goes to the arrangements like you will notice sounds that forms contrasts between the left & right speaker." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| SPEKK | 15.90

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