"Oracles emerged from long-held friendships and musical cross-pollination via hazy bedroom sessions in the summer of 2013. They recorded and mixed their first EP 'Stanford Torus' in basements and closets between their hometowns of Berlin and Cologne, Germany. The six songs touched on the multitudes of musical interests and activities each member brought to the band - psychedelia and shoegaze, Krautrock and early electronica, Highlife, Afrobeat as well as classic Disco. Meanwhile, ideas piled up, as did unexpected yet standard business moves. In an instant, the band found themselves left to their own devices. A long search yielded a beautiful farmhouse in Northern Germany, to which they withdrew for three cold weeks to record among cattle, horses and howling winds. 'Bedroom Eyes' is Oracles' first longplaying outing. It's taken from a lyric of the upbeat, sphynxian 'Thoughts Of Love On The Verge Of Sleep'. The title does a good job of sketching what Oracles embody on their debut album: examining, bemoaning and celebrating their lives and loves with all the fissures, losses, turns and joys with one dissecting and one passionate eye." (label info) also available on CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2016| THIS CHARMING MAN | 16.90

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