6 Track EP + CD + Download. "Hairy psychedelia and shoegaze, the streaming motorische repetition of Krautrock and early electronica, Highlife, Afrobeat and its pop derivates and classic West End and SalSoul era Disco have all left their deep mark and find their way into Oracles, one way or another. The "Untitled" opener sets the mood for what might be envisioned as their first message from a self-sufficient sphere. A fertile place where Oracles reap the seeds of Shoegaze, Psychedelia, Kosmische Musik, Highlife and Afrobeat and chronicle search ("Gazing From Without"), loss ("Parting Ways"), desire ("Melt Tonight"), trips ("Journey Back To Dawn"), headstarts and dreams ("Untitled") in the process." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| CLOUDS HILL | 12.90

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