"Besides collaborating with sunn0))) on the forthcoming "Black One" album, Oren has allowed Southern Lord to release this solo album. The recordings of "Triste" were previously available on limited edition LP/vinyl format only. This Southern Lord release combines the original LP recordings + some remix collaborations by Tom Recchion. It is available here for the first time in compact disc format. The "Triste" material is reminiscent of Orens playing on "Grapes from the Estate". Oren has transformed the guitar sound/tone into a dark, tonally extreme, percussive instrument. Imagine stripping sunn0))), or Earth of all its distortion and layers, down to a singular pure immense tone. He then plays and arranges these subsonic tones melodically creating beautiful drone sound-scapes. Glacial minimalism at subsonic depths! "Triste" is packaged in a mini'-gatefold LP sleeve. Thick constructed cardboard with immaculate printing." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| SOUTHERN LORD | 16.90

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