"The DVD was shot on March 15th 2009 and the LP recorded a week later. I started with the DVD, in which I see two hands with paint or chalk performing some kind of action painting, but almost in slow motion. It also seems if the sounds of the underground on which this action is Performed, is amplified. Slowly it is revealed what the underground is and what the objects are, which are in the hands. I won't spoil that. There is also music in the background, organ perhaps, guitar maybe, but it stays in the background, and seems to be filling in the gaps. On the one sided LP the music is more in balance with the action, which involves, it seems, the same action but here the music is more upfront, which is quite nice. A similar, minimal approach which regards to organs and guitar, as well as the scrapping of the surface. The music is very gentle, unlike some of the more demanding solo music of David Maranha (which is more like Velvet Underground), and also, it seems, more loosely improvised than some of the more tighter composed pieces of the older Osso Exotico. Throughout however, in all its briefness (two pieces of twenty minutes), a more than excellent product. Osso Exotico never lets me down." (Vital Weekly)
in stock | PT| 2010| m-/m-| SERRALVES | 25.00

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