"Divided in three parts, as the three different 10 vinyls that host them, it brings all the magic and true imaginative sonic world of Pak Yan, being it on the prepared piano (Book of Wood), on synths & electronics (Book of Star) or on toy pianos (Book of Toy). The purity and the very strong 'naif' commitment that we can hear on these recordings it's stunning, Pak Yan takes our hand and accompanies us into her sound mind, made of iridescent grooves and rainbow - like orchestrations, also thanks to the help of the 3 great guests she invited to participate: Darin Gray, Chris Corsano and Paolo Angeli. A must have also for it's amazingly special packaging: three 10' vinyl's hosted in a custom made laser engraved wooden box (designed by Xavier Coenen), with a beautiful tracing paper insert, home to wonderful drawings by Miquel Casaponsa. A true delight." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2015| SILENT WATER | 39.90

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