"Continuing the catalogue-numbering but changing it's name from DISKANT to DISK, the label reflects the personal changes in the crew. We are happy to have found a solution which serves all of the former crew and permits us to unleash the piled up releases we are excited to share with you! First up in the pipeline is PARADON'T - a joint venture of Psy Trance lifetime subgrounder Paraklang and disk(/ants) own polyrhythm experimenter Don't DJ. The two met repeatedly in a studio on the beautiful heights of the Black Forrest in southern Germany to work on their vision of an alien club excess. The result draws heavily from both their traditions: Rhythms all over the place and a dark psychedelic ambience with a viciously unsettling drive. Yet the tracks shows a strangely intriguing characteristic of maintaining a vigorous groove while rejecting conventional structures of rhythms and tracks alike. It's outlandish yet it's dance music!" (label info) fine 3-track EP, total playing time 18:30, comes in offset printed, spray-painted, japan-wrapped cover
in stock | DE| 2017| DISK | 10.90

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