"This three-piece has generated a strong following both locally and internationally with an inexhaustive touring schedule. In addition, they've developed a strong and unique sound blending elements of distorto-punk akin to Husker Du with electronic powernoise elements and strong songwriting on Ohio's Jagjaguwar imprint. Amid many a latenight beer, we came up with the idea of an EP in which the entire band abandoned their rock roots and deliver an all-electronic release. Side one sees the band generating a dense sound which envelopes the rhythm and melody with distorted twitches and fuzzy rumbling. Make no mistake, Parts & Labor's adept sense of melody takes center stage on such tracks as "Processional" and "Tiny Lightning." The Band takes more of turn away from the epic sound of the first half on "Something about Stars" to open side 2. While the textured soundscape hasn't gone, the sound on "Davenport Amphitheater" is more reflective with a strong sense of melody shining through again. The EP ends with "Holiday's Over" which builds from a rhythmic loop into a subdued throb of strange sounds co-habitating together. Although definitely not akin to their 2 previous full-lengths, Parts & Labor fans will be at home with this electronic release. One can almost imagine vocals and machine gun drums buried somewhere in the mix on a muted track. What we're left with is a thick sonic pallet teeming with foreign melodies and new sounds." (label info) 6-track EP, comes in silkscreened cover.
in stock | US| 2006| BROKLYN BEATS | 7.90

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