"Minnesota's Paul Metzger is an unsung hero of the unaccompanied steel string instrument and a master musician of an instrument of his own invention. On Deliverance - a real time performance on his overhauled 21 string banjo - you'll be treated to some of the most deeply satisfying & impulsive outer cosmos ragadelia you're ever likely to hear. Clocking in at nearly 60 colossal minutes, Deliverance is 3 tracks of unfiltered aural transcendence; a hypnotic raga epic that's by turns a slow burning meditation & an urgent mind / body duel. Paul's playing may summon up the spirits of Sandy Bull's searching inventiveness, Billy Faier's out Tacoma sides, J.P. Pickens' tweaked Americana, Henry Flynt's searing harmonic drones or Big Jim Sullivan's psychedelic exotica, but at the end of the day, Metzger is no idolater and we're all a little luckier to have him around to occupy his own singular post in this post- Fahey world. Deliverance is available on CD and limited 180 gram virgin vinyl housed in a stunning gatefold jacket. It's hard to believe it but we managed to get the last of the three extended tracks - the 31 minute title track - onto one side and the results are purely high fidelity! Eat your heart out Deutsche Grammofon." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| LOCUST | 16.90

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