"forced nostalgia follow their captivating cicciolina holocaust/sermonizer split with this crucial edition of the daughters' debut album 'fishbones & wishbones', presented on vinyl for the first time. the band were formed around the unit of justin brandis and andy rantzen in 1984 and worked with a string of collaborators including anthony maher aka dub producer sheriff lindo, and occasional members ben fontaine, andrew holmes, james fergus, and bryce cannon, hatching a sound which matched the minimalism of this heat and the clammy ambience of lustmord, or even the mystic industrial space of basquiat's gray outfit, whilst teetering on the brink of an ambient techno style instigated on the opposite side of the world. fn label curator, fré de vos, has reshuffled and reduced the album to eight essential tracks, ranging from the kinky discord of 'exodus' to the chilling ambience of 'do the crawl'. in the half-lit space between they converge on snaking basslines, subtle analogue synth touches, diy tape loops and constantly shifting percussion arranged from drum machines and various found objects." (boomkat)
in stock | UK| 2011| FORCED NOSTALGIA | 18.90

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