"Kind of the peak of Pelt Mk II, the purest distillation of their electrified drone phase. Includes a 12 min collab with the rhBand, their complete 35 min Terrastock II set (claimed by many people as the highlight of the entire festival and earning them the nickname "The Hillbilly Theater Of Eternal Music"), a magically resonating 17 min slice from a typical east-coast warehouse hippie party, and finally, a brand new home 18 min recording heavy on the Tibetan Bowls (and by "bowls" I mean instruments, of course). The live recordings are all of the digital variety and finally capture the sheer density and multi-layered force of their live sound. The double LP is a superbly mastered (by John Golden) and pressed (by RTI) object, if you are someone who has been clamoring for more of this kind of music on LP, here it is." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2005| VHF RECORDS | 18.90

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