"Pete Swanson returns with an incredible album of skewed and fragmented Techno sounding like a cross between Aphex Twin, Prurient, Regis and Kevin Drumm. The New York-based artist might still be best known for being a member of now defunct noise duo Yellow Swans, but he's made plenty of solo music since then, even if it has been quite difficult to obtain. Straddling a line between free guitar noise and singed electronics, 'Man With Potential' shows that Swanson is unafraid to dive headfirst into the dank pulsing soundscapes that helped birth his old band. Where Yellow Swans used pulses to underpin their cascading white noise, Swanson here puts the chattering 140bpm percussion at center stage, not least on the album's opening track. Setting the stage for the music to follow, we are thrown headfirst into chattering synthesized squeals and dense kick drums before being smacked around the head with the kind of slippery noise lead we've not heard since 'Going Places'. This is Birmingham techno filtered through the mists of the Pacific Northwest, and is all the better for it. Elsewhere 'Remote View' explores a more downtempo sound; coming across like post apocalyptic house music as heard from a club bathroom." (label info) Limited vinyl edition, comes with a bonus 50 minute album on CD called "Man With Garbage". second pressing available now incl. cd
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2011| TYPE | 20.90

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