"Peter Becker is one half of famous Eyeless in Gaza. In 1979/80 Peter Becker and Martyn Bates formed their own label called "Ambivalent Scale Recordings" in order to release their own music as well as projects of friends like Kevin Harrison or Bron Area. Peter released two Solo-Tapes called "They brought the Statosphere" (ASR04) and By Train to the Coast (ASR10, which also found release on Ian Dobson's Flowmotion Label) Peters recordings from those two Solo-Tapes contain a wide variety from athmospheric and melodic compositions in style of Eyeless in Gaza to more abstract and minimal-electro-tunes. This Lp-collection with 20 recordings has been compiled from those 2 Tape-Releases in addition to previously unreleased material from one-off cassettes sent out to people that wrote to Peter Becker at the end of the seventies/ start of the eighties. Each cassette would be personalised in some way; maybe with different artwork, unique musical pieces or re-worked versions of things. These Tapes gave insight into musical sketches, works in progress & unfinished paintings that were never meant to be released to the general public." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 15.90

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