"Shortly before his musical partnership as Coil ended following the death of Jhon Balance, Peter Christopherson performed a live soundtrack to his old friend and collaborator Derek Jarman's abstract 1973 Super 8 short The Art Of Mirrors in Paris. Sleazy had worked with Jarman on many occasions, including providing the music as a member of Throbbing Gristle for In The Shadow Of The Sun in 1974, Coil's highly-charged compositions for The Angelic Conversation, as well as their singularly psychedelic disco contributions to the director's final swansong, Blue. Since The Art Of Mirrors is barely six minutes long, quite how Christopherson made more than an hour of music to accompany the film's screening is something those who were there can answer best, but ultimately it's more or less irrelevant to the music as it appears here. Split carefully across three sides of vinyl, the LP divides a continuous performance into what are now essentially three interrelated movements. Each ebbs and flows with the same hallucinatory feeling that so much of the music that Christopherson made with others has, especially in Coil, and it soon begins to seem that time itself has become far more of an unnecessary frippery than usual. Black Mass Rising have done a sympathetic job all round on this release, and the album is packaged with the label's customary attention to detail and eye for simple, effective design. Even more so than the recently unearthed Time Machines II, released posthumously in Christopherson's name last year, Live At L' Étrange Festival makes Sleazy's absence from the musical and corporeal world all the more pronounced." (The Quietus) 3-sided album, white vinyl, in gatefold sleeve. 2nd edition, with bonus CD
in stock | FR| 2015| BLACK MASS RISING | 28.90

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