""Gong (ceng-ceng)/Ear'' was recoded in Bali (1989) using very resonant handheld balinese cymbals. Totally improvised music,shaman vibrations through the body, dedicated to dancers. ''Two in Thailand'' (created in Bankok, 1996-performance recording in New York, 1997) with Phoebe Neville. This is a very formal Metal Meditation with very small finger cymbals and a heavy gong in slow punctuations. A wonderful graphically and verbally notated score for open improvisation. ''OM.Duet:Jug and Bottle'' with James Fulkerson (private performance, New York 1972) is a ''zen-like'' sustained tone with microtonal breath fluctuations, using the simplest possible resonators. Based on verbal instructions, slight mysterious gestural sounds brought up to ear close audibility, and eerie low frequencies create a spectrum of sound-texture varieties with a mesmerising, hypnotic effect. ''Satie's 2 Chords Of The Rose+Croix...As a Revelation'' (Hartford Village, Vermont 1999). Music based on a chosen section of a loved classic, with a little ''beat up'' harmonium producing mystic organ sounds. Long sustained tones floating in the air, variety of pitches, rhythmic irregularities and weird time specifics resulting in a reverential, ecstatic composition, profoundly affecting. This is a limited edition LP of 350 copies, inclouding a 16 pages inner book full of info, photos scores + texts by Philip Corner. Master made by Yiannis Tsirikoglou + the graphics by the MoreMars Team." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | IT| 2013| MORE MARS | 23.90

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