"PHILIP PERKINS (born 1951) studied art and motion graphics with Robert Mullen and David Foster (Univ. of the Pacific and Univ. of Oregon) and was mentored by "Blue" Gene Tyranny in music composition and performance. He played in many rock, country and experimental music bands and was a member of THE RESIDENTS performance ensemble 1979-84, as well as serving as their cinematographer and lighting designer. "Drive Time" was composed and originally released in 1985 is a series of pieces composed as an alternative to early morning "drive time" AM radio, and targeted at the same audience: commuters. After discovering Perkins' work in the Miscellaneous section of Amoeba Records in LA, Body Double were moved to reach out to Perkins with the goal of getting Drive Time back on the shelves. We found that Perkins was living in Northern California, still employed as a sound engineer, and made the drive up to his home studio. We went through his whole catalog, but Drive Time was the album he was most proud of. Between Perkins and Body Double, the three of us couldn't be more thrilled to give listeners an alternative to whatever day-to-day sounds they'd like to some relief from." (label info) with insert and download code, recommended. also available on CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| CAPTURED TRACKS | 18.90

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