'Disseminate Ostrava': In this orchestra piece, the players read from a conventional score. There is no after-recording manipulation of the material. The recording comes from the Ostrova Days Festival in the Czech Republik, where the 41-piece Ensemble OCNM is supplemented by members of the Janacek Philharmonic. 'Kontradictionaries': This work was written for the Kontra-trio. The trio (formed in 1992) of Bischof, Mejer and Bachmann concentrates on the sound of low wind instruments. The three wind contrabasses are used as sources for acoustic phenomena. Here, the musicians recorded 'samples' of the notes in a recording studio. Niblock then edited the samples, mode pitch shifts of them, and combined this material in a multi-track score. There is no manipulation of the sound of the instruments, the combination of the different microtonal pitches and timbres of the instruments modifies the sound. The musicians later added 'live' parts to the Niblock multitrack-mixed-to stereo recording. 'Disseminate Q-02': Written for the Belgian ensemble for contemporary and improvised music, Q-02. The work creates a haze of slowly shifting, vibrating sounds."
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