"Bilingual edition (English / French). 22,5 x 24,5 cm (softcover). Edited by Phill Niblock and Yvan Etienne. Texts by Phill Niblock, Bob Gilmore, Guy De Bièvre, Johannes Knesl, Mathieu Copeland, Jens Brand, Rob Forman, Seth Nehil, Raphael Smarzoch, Richard Glover, Volker Straebel, Ulrich Krieger, Susan Stenger, Richard Lainhart, Juan Carlos Kase, Erica King, Rich Housh, Alan Licht, Bernard Gendron, Arthur Stidfole. Graphic design: Nicolas Bardey. An overview of Phill Niblock's work since the 60's, through about twenty essays and interviews by musicologists, art critics and historians, various documents, scores, and more than 8 hours of videos on 2 DVD. Phill Niblock (born 1933 in Anderson, Indiana) is an New York-based minimalist composer and multi-media musician, director of Experimental Intermedia, a foundation born in the flames of 1968's barricade-hopping." (label info) 520 pages + 2 DVD
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2012| LES PRESSES DU RÉEL | 34.90

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