"Berlin's Echtzeitmusik has made a point of freeing itself from every artistic constraint, even the unwritten rules of (jazz-)improvisation. Previously closed circles of New Music are opening up. And groups like Pirx use the vocabulary of noise-music just as naturally as they do elements of pop, jazz, classical... - simply everything. With their debut "deleted scenes" the duo from (now) Berlin seemed to be going in many directions simultaneously from the starting point of New Music. With their new release "Sie sind hier jetzt" (trans. You Are Here Now) questions regarding the direction of the sound, of origins and goal, are pointless. Far more than any categorisation, the music requires just a detailed description of the way it is. From this point of view, its an appropriate album title. Marion Wörle (laptop) and Maciej Sledziecki (guitar) hold a sensible balance between sound and noise. They make radical music without any of the posing one has come to expect from rock." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| SATELITA MUSIKVERLAG | 12.90

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