"Pizmo is firstly an unknown collective of artists and musicians experimenting new audio prospects. They create experiences and ambiances with audio architecture & environment. They explore temporary & immersive audio spaces and camps. Pizmo, according to his label favour downloading forms, immaterial works and time-based events. They push DIY(done by yourself) and DBO (Done by other) to finally DWO (done with others) actions. Seen as operators of the downfall of the centralized systems, they want to spread telematic situations and pursuit sonic & musical revolutions. The purpose of this new CD is to change the way people listen the world and their immediate environment. By ignoring music industry, Pizmo will be able to remain anonymous, no need of buzz & big hits to go forward. Wear headphones and switch on your sound-system to discover BLST from Pizmo." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2013| FIBRR | 10.90

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