"On a rainy night in November 1980 Truus went to see Rhys Chatham's band in her Hometown of Eindhoven. Never suspecting that this evening would change the course of her life! She met David Linton who played the drums with Rhys. They struck up a whirlwind friendship. Upon their farewell, David mentioned "come see me in New York". Fast forward two months later and Truus was in New York. Armed with backing track tapes, David and Truus started jamming around in his loft. Soon his roommate Lee Ranaldo joined and a new Plus Instruments was born. Full of enthusiasm and creative energy they started performing. Truus' first visit was Jim Fourrat's office in the West Village. Jim was taken by this three piece and booked them in various venues. All in a matter of weeks they were in a studio recording this album. During the months of February and April they played everywhere they could, including Europe. It was a short existence, but never a minute wasted! After April, Lee went on to join Sonic Youth and David continued with his own unique live wired solo electro-acoustic drum kit performances as well as his sound score productions. Truus carried on with Plus Instruments in a variety of line-ups." (label info) second pressing available now
in stock | FR| 2012| POUTRE APPARENTE | 18.90

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