"Rome's Egisto Sopor has been making little waves with his releases for quite a while now. Since we've known him he's released a cdr album on Legowelt's Strange Life Records and put a cassette out on the much admired 100% Silk label, both under the name 'Polysick'. As 'TheAwayTeam' he's released a DVD 'Relax & Sleep' and a cd 'Star Kinship' on Japanese label Moamoo. He is also one half of the low key video unit AAVV, whose work has graced many of the important releases of new lofi electronic movement. Well, here is his first album proper 'Digital Native', 15 tracks of glowing, nocturnal, analogue grace that hark back to acid house and early techno, but with a mood and intent that seems to be designed for watching images dance on closed eyelids. It's no surprise that his work as a video artist resonates so strongly with the music he makes. Polysick has tapped straight into the synthetic pleasures of early dance music's otherworldly pulses, the hypnotic arpeggios of Italo disco, soaring Detroit chords, cosmic disco, the '4th World' music of Jon Hassell and the library exotics of Piero Umiliani." (label info) also available on CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2012| PLANET MU | 19.90

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