"Between 1981-84 the Electronic / Synth-Duo Stefan Tischer and Keith "Keeler" Walsh have produced 4 great and outstanding Synth-Tapes on their own Tape-Label. (Through Veils in 1981, Eve of Departure in 1982, Crossings in 1983 and Travellers Companion in 1984). This Double Lp features one 30 minute-extract of each of those Tapes ending in a beautiful 2-hour-journey of Port Said Music. In an almost alchemistic way Port Said formed an very unique characteristic Sound which was inspired by electronic Krautrock-bands and artists like Cluster and Conrad Schnitzler and their fascination for oriental elements. Port Said also contributed to various international compilations of the Cassetteculture on Labels like Ding Dong (Film Noir), Antonios Stratis Label Temporary Music (Life 85) ,Audiofile Tapes (Hear the Roar od Mountains Vol.1) or the french L'Agence Des Refusés (The History of Jazz). Unfortunately both artists died in 1992 and 2010 but fortunately, their great musical output will never be forgotten." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 26.90

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