"Powell returns to his own Diagonal imprint with a three-headed monster of a 12", his first on the label since 2012's Body Music. Since then he's released a pair of acclaimed 12"s through The Death Of Rave and Liberation Technologies, as well as remixes for Silent Servant and Ike Yard, all of which have tracked his musical aesthetic as it's gradually been scrubbed, honed and fully articulated for the dancefloor. The result, then, is Club Music, where Powell's characteristic arsenal of scrabbling synthesiser dirt, ruffneck drum and vocal samples and air of nocturnal cheekiness are put to the service of three livewire percussive workouts, each bristling with energy. While the influence of both techno and early drum & bass was detectable in Powell's early music, here those genres aren't so much channelled as ruthlessly stripped down for parts, their atmosphere and momentum transferred into brutally funky beat tracks that charge forward with gleeful intensity." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| DIAGONAL | 12.90

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