"First time available on vinyl. A totally immersive listening experience and a true testament to the power and range of the human voice in all its harmonic splendor, as poignantly stated by Terry Riley in the liner notes: "As is the case with La Monte Young's Theater of Eternal Music, David Hyke's Harmonic Choir and Pauline Oliveros's Deep Listening Band, Roberto Laneri has had a life long penchant for the droning mysteriosa of the Sound Current and with the Prima Materia ensemble he has expressed it in a disciplined, expansive and singular way." In 1977 an obscure Italian private label issued a record that sounded like it no other before. A long and dense trance-inducing drone of sustained notes, rich with overtones and harmonic embellishments, coming from a space so vast and unexplored that seemed of non-human, almost "ethereal" nature. Paradoxically, each and any molecule of that sound was produced using only the most original and archaic of instruments, the human voice. The musicians of the group Prima Materia - a project founded by Roberto Laneri in San Diego in 1973, including Claudio Ricciardi, Gianni Nebbiosi, Susanne Hendricks and Maria Monti - individually researched and developed unusual vocal techniques (originally used in Tantric rituals in North India, Mongolia and Tibet), based upon the use of overtones coupled with a special state of inner concentration, which was the essential condition for both the emission and control of long-sustained and complex vocal sounds." (label info) 2016 repress. Edition of 200 copies, 20 pp. book, custom printed inner sleeves
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in stock | IT| 2016| DIE SCHACHTEL | 49.90

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