"James Donadio's Prostitutes racket lands a killer vinyl follow-up to last year's much-coveted 'Psychedelic Black' LP and recent split tape with Basic House for Opal Tapes. Clocking in to the same working headspace as Powell's ascetic industrialisms, the grubby churn of Container, or Nate Young's oily modular globs, he's forged eight throbbing, jagged and visceral machine constructs reformulating techno templates to an oil-smudged and vintage sounding blueprint. Lodged half way between the 'floor and the parlour's waiting room, 'Crushed Interior' can be dance music, or salacious backing tracks - whatever you want it be, baby. If you're in the mood to move there's primal hip oscillations on 'Coming Down Here With Human Needs' and bone-rattling industrial polyrhythms on the pummelling 'Dial Tone Degradation', whereas the drugged ambience of 'Spiders In My Eyes' and the slow-sucking vortex of 'Make A Hole, Look Out' will satisfy darker tastes, and you don't even have to pay extra." (label info)
in stock | US| 2013| DIGITALIS | 18.90

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