still sealed "Chicago's Joe Misra aka Proswell took just enough time out of his busy schedule studying IDM clichés to compile a fourth long player for Merck, just before they close their doors. Bruxist Frog is Proswell's fourth album to date, and will be one of the final two CDs released on Merck. With material from the last few years that has been finely tuned and polished this fall, it has worked itself out to over 60 minutes of music. Uniquely nostalgic, it rises up to overtly dense 8-bit pop, and down into off-world colony lounge music. It continues the timeline and progression of his work into more sophisticated production methods and complex sounds and beats. Proswell's previous material includes his critically acclaimed albums Konami and Carrot Dossier, as well as a special selection of live tracks melded together for the Merck Mix Series (4). Fans of melodic electronic music are assured satisfaction." (label info)
in stock | 2006| m-/m-| MERCK | 7.90

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