"Kurt Dahlke's 1979 solo debut as Pyrolator was recorded soon after he left the band DAF. Dahlke aka Pyrolator was the co-founder of the legendary German label and music publisher Ata Tak. "Inland" is a record of cold, urban, unsettling synth sounds and sound collages. "Inland" is the musical commentary about the paranoia and violence that marked the late '70s in the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD). To this day, "Inland" is still one of the most radical, modern and implacable albums. Even the cover illustrates the atmosphere of the "leaden time" in the BRD,1979 : with grey and brown tones instead of colorful 70's complacency. Pyrolator's goal was to make a protest album, far removed from conventions. The complete absence of familiar musical structures and the spontaneous noisy-recording create an oppressive, claustrophobic atmosphere that sounds like it could have been created today." (label info) the 180 gr vinyl version contains 5 bonus tracks.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| BUREAU B | 19.90

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