"Being fans of the German musician F.S.Blumm for many years now, it is with great honour that we can present his latest project on Rump: The Quasi Dub Development. Shortly after the release of their 'F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda' collaboration album, these "two peculiar geniuses" (Christoph Büscher/Intro) joined up with Alessandro Coronas to perform their new work in a Sardinian church. But it was on the next day, while walking along a wintry beach, that Luca and Frank discovered their shared love of dub, and from that point the idea of the "Quasi Dub" was born. The idea: to replace dub's essential bass with the tuba, to replace the tuba with a modulated trumpet, to replace Jamaica with Sardinia. Then add all this to those dreaded bricolage sounds of Blumm... forcing a deliberate confusion to take hold! The result is a cocktail of cultures: invoking the spirits of dub while living across its borders in a whole other world; off the tracks but always close to the heart, very personal... very direct. The specific ingredients are a charming blend, with a breathtaking brass section (with special guest Jason Candler on Saxophone) interacting with an Italian sense of melody and a German feel for clarity and precision. Amongst all this lies a great playfulness, an opening of horizons that's full of varying perspective, both uplifting and a little melancholic at the same time." (label info) Comes with download code with 8 bonus track, i.e. remixes by Thomas Knak aka Opiate, Jason Forrest, Kim Hiorthřy, Guido Möbius and Loopspool (Tied + Tickled Trio).
in stock | DK| 2011| RUMP | 14.90

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