"All of the songs are short stories; even if again and again the narrator's voice is transmitted to the instruments, the piano, the guitars, an accordion. And in comparison to the very song-orientated debut by Electric President - 24-year-old Ben Cooper's alter ego (Radical Face) and second musical affair of the heart, Ghost, has become a songwriter-album. Or rather a song-writing album, the tracks as carefully arranged interiors, chamber folk, pocket symphonies, passionate melodies. Ben Cooper recorded this album almost entirely alone. In a small shed in Jacksonville Beach/Florida. His recording studio. Another one of these houses full of stories. He recorded the guitars and drum-patterns, the banjos, organs and keyboards and sang in chorus with himself. He let the instruments take a deep breath and created a breathing record, a lively, warm Ghost." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2007| MORR MUSIC | 13.90

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