"Kobe based Hirohito Ihara's moniker radicalfashion returns with his second album in 8 years. His debut album 'Odori' was released on Chicago's legendary record label Hefty in 2007 and received critical acclaim from several media. Radicalfashion recently joined flau to deliver a series of new releases. The first one is GARCON, a collection of elegant piano works recorded and carefully edited by Hirohito. Taking influence from traditional painting techniques and forms, each composition evokes a unique musical persona using thoughtfully designed melody and sound-collage with a polite nod to highbrow experimentalism. a romantic contrast of exquisite silky piano and electronic tone. an irresistible originality and personality without the burden of easy nostalgia and eclecticism. On GARCON, Hirohito playfully expresses a curiosity between opposing states, an intention to hybridize or overcome all borders like human + machine, music + noise, eastern + western, classic + modern, feminine + masculine. The album is like a picture with a ray of soft light and color. Hirohito has created a sublime and emotive collection of piano pieces, full of beauty with an edge." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2015| FLAU | 13.90

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